Stata 15 help for eform_option

[R] eform_option -- Displaying exponentiated coefficients


An eform_option causes the coefficient table to be displayed in exponentiated form: for each coefficient, exp(b) rather than b is displayed. Standard errors and confidence intervals are also transformed.

An eform_option is one of the following:

eform_option Description --------------------------------------------------------------------- eform(string) use string for column title

eform exponentiated coefficient, string is exp(b) hr hazard ratio, string is Haz. Ratio shr subhazard ratio, string is SHR irr incidence-rate ratio, string is IRR or odds ratio, string is Odds Ratio rrr relative-risk ratio, string is RRR ---------------------------------------------------------------------


--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Setup . webuse nhanes2d

Perform logit regression using svy prefix and display odds ratios rather than coefficients . svy, or: logit highbp female black

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Setup . webuse lbw

Fit complementary log-log model, displaying exponentiated coefficients . cloglog low age lwt i.race smoke ptl ht ui, eform


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