Stata 15 help for doedit

[R] doedit -- Edit do-files and other text files


doedit [filename]


Window > Do-file Editor


doedit opens the Do-file Editor. This text editor lets you create and edit do-files, which typically contain a series of Stata commands. If you specify filename, doedit will open a text file, such as a do-file or an ado-file, saved to disk.


Clicking on the Do-file Editor button is equivalent to typing doedit.

doedit, typed by itself, invokes the Editor with an empty document. If you specify filename, that file is displayed in the Editor.

You may have more than one Do-file Editor open at once. Each time you submit the doedit command, a new window will be opened.

A tutorial discussion of doedit can be found in the Getting Started with Stata manual. Read [U] 16 Do-files for an explanation of do-files, and then read [GSM] 13 Using the Do-file Editor---automating Stata, [GSU] 13 Using the Do-file Editor---automating Stata, or [GSW] 13 Using the Do-file Editor---automating Stata to learn how to use the Do-file Editor to create and execute do-files.

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