Stata 15 help for dir

[D] dir -- Display filenames


{dir|ls} ["][filespec]["] [, wide]

filespec is any valid Mac, Unix, or Windows file path or file specification (see [U] 11.6 Filenaming conventions) and may include "*" to indicate any string of characters.

Note: Double quotes must be used to enclose filespec if the name contains spaces.


dir and ls -- they work the same way -- list the names of files in the specified directory; the names of the commands come from names popular on Unix and Windows computers.


wide under Mac and Windows produces an effect similar to specifying /W with the DOS dir command -- it compresses the resulting listing by placing more than one filename on a line. Under Unix, it produces the same effect as typing ls -F -C. Without the wide option, ls is equivalent to ls -F -l.


Windows: . dir . dir, w . dir *.dta . dir \mydata\*.dta

Mac and Unix: . ls . ls, w . ls *.dta . ls ~/mydata/*.dta

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