Stata 15 help for db

[R] db -- Launch dialog


Syntax for db

db commandname

For programmers

db commandname [, message(string) debug dryrun ]

Set system parameter

set maxdb # [, permanently ]

where # must be between 5 and 1,000.


db opens the dialog box for the specified command. Programmers who wish to allow the launching of dialogs from a help file, see [P] smcl for information on the dialog SMCL directive.

set maxdb sets the maximum number of dialog boxes whose contents are remembered from one invocation to the next during a session. The default value of maxdb is 50.


message(string) specifies that string be passed to the dialog box, where it can be referred to from the __MESSAGE STRING property.

debug specifies that the underlying dialog box be loaded with debug messaging turned on.

dryrun specifies that, rather than launching the dialog, db show the commands it would issue to launch the dialog.

permanently specifies that, in addition to making the change right now, the maxdb setting be remembered and become the default setting when you invoke Stata.


The usual way to launch a dialog is to pull down the Data, Graphics, or Statistics menu and to make your selection from there. When you know the name of the command that you want to run, however, db provides a way to invoke the dialog from the command line.

db follows the same abbreviation rules that Stata's command-line interface follows. So, to launch the dialog for regress, you can type

. db regress


. db reg

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