Stata 15 help for cscript_log


[P] cscript_log -- Begin certification script log


cscript_log {begin|end} [dirname]


cscript_log is used by StataCorp in its testing procedure to start and stop individual log files.

It is recommended that you ignore and avoid this command. This command has to do with organizational details of how Stata is tested by StataCorp, and the syntax and actions of this command might change. For details on how StataCorp tests Stata, see Gould (2001). For testing commands that are recommended for use, see [P] cscript.

cscript_log begin begins a SMCL log. The log will be named [x]test[-se].smcl or [x]test[-mp].smcl according to the values of $S_CONSOLE, $S_StataSE, and $S_StataMP.

cscript_log end closes the log.

In both cases, if dirname is specified, the current directory is changed to dirname before the other actions of cscript_log.


A portion of the Stata test script reads:

---------------------- cscript_log begin base do test cscript_log end ..

cscript_log begin ado do test cscript_log end ..

... ----------------------


Gould, W. W. 2001. Statistical software certification. Stata Journal 1: 29-50.

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