Stata 15 help for connectstyle

[G-4] connectstyle -- Choices for how points are connected


connectstyle Synonym Description ----------------------------------------------------------------- none i do not connect direct l connect with straight lines ascending L direct, but only if x[j+1] > x[j] stairstep J flat, then vertical stepstair vertical, then flat -----------------------------------------------------------------

Other connectstyles may be available; type

. graph query connectstyle

to obtain the full list installed on your computer.


connectstyle specifies if and how points in a scatter are to be connected, for example, via straight lines or stairsteps.

connectstyle is specified inside the connect() option which is allowed, for instance, with scatter:

. scatter ..., connect(connectstylelist) ...

Here a connectstylelist is allowed. A connectstylelist is a sequence of connectstyles separated by spaces. Shorthands are allowed to make specifying the list easier; see [G-4] stylelists.


Points are connected in the order of the data, so be sure that data are in the desired order (which is usually ascending value of x) before specifying the connect(connectstyle) option. Commands that provide connect() also provide a sort option, which will sort by the x variable for you.

connect(l) is the most common choice.

connect(J) is the appropriate way to connect the points of empirical cumulative distribution functions (CDFs).

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