Stata 15 help for clevel

[BAYES] set clevel -- Set default credible level


set clevel # [, permanently]

# is any number between 10.00 and 99.99 and may be specified with at most two digits after the decimal point.


set clevel specifies the default credible level for credible intervals for all Bayesian commands (see [BAYES] bayesian commands) that report credible intervals. The initial value is 95, meaning 95% credible intervals.


permanently specifies that in addition to making the change right now, the clevel setting be remembered and become the default setting when you invoke Stata.


To change the level of credible intervals reported by a particular command, you need not reset the default credible level. All commands that report credible intervals have a clevel(#) option. When you do not specify the option, the credible intervals are calculated for the default level set by set clevel or for 95% if you have not reset set clevel.

Note concerning estimation commands

All Bayesian estimation commands can redisplay results when they are typed without arguments. The width of the reported credible intervals is a property of the display, not the estimation, for example,

. sysuse auto . bayesmh mpg, likelihood(normal(1)) prior({mpg:_cons}, uniform(15,25)) (output appears)

. bayesmh, clevel(90) (output reappears, this time with 90% credible intervals)


. set clevel 90

. set clevel 99, permanently

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