Stata 15 help for checkdlgfiles


[P] checkdlgfiles -- Dialog-file error checking


checkdlgfiles ado [, path(path) system ]

Also used by checkdlgfiles are the files

*.dlg *.ado cmddlg.maint


checkdlgfiles is a tool used by StataCorp to verify that the *.dlg files contain no linkage errors.

Description of checkdlgfiles ado

checkdlgfiles ado examines all the commands of Stata (*.ado and what is added and subtracted by cmddlg.maint) and counts

1. commands that have .dlg files 2. commands that lack .dlg files 3. unmatched .dlg files without _ in their names 4. unmatched .dlg files with _ in their names

Detailed listings are provided for (2), (3), and (4).


path() specifies the search path for locating *.ado, *.dlg, and *.maint files. The default is path(`c(adopath)').

system is an alternative to specifying path(). Specifying system is equivalent to specifying path("BASE").

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