Stata 15 help for changeeol

[D] changeeol -- Convert end-of-line characters of text file


changeeol filename1 filename2, eol(platform) [options]

filename1 and filename2 must be filenames.

Note: Double quotes may be used to enclose the filenames, and the quotes must be used if the filename contains embedded blanks.

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- * eol(windows) convert to Windows-style end-of-line characters (\r\n) * eol(dos) synonym for eol(windows) * eol(unix) convert to Unix-style end-of-line characters (\n) * eol(mac) convert to Mac-style end-of-line characters (\n) * eol(classicmac) convert to classic Mac-style end-of-line characters (\r) replace overwrite filename2 force force to convert filename1 to filename2 if filename1 is a binary file ------------------------------------------------------------------------- * eol() is required.


changeeol converts text file filename1 to text file filename2 with the specified Windows/Unix/Mac/classic Mac-style end-of-line characters. changeeol changes the end-of-line characters from one type of file to another.


eol(windows|dos|unix|mac|classicmac) specifies to which platform style filename2 is to be converted. eol() is required.

replace specifies that filename2 be replaced if it already exists.

force specifies that filename1 be converted if it is a binary file.


Windows . changeeol orig.txt newcopy.txt, eol(windows)

Unix . changeeol orig.txt newcopy.txt, eol(unix)

Mac . changeeol orig.txt newcopy.txt, eol(mac)

Classic Mac . changeeol orig.txt newcopy.txt, eol(classicmac)

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