Stata 15 help for byteorder

[FN] Programming functions


byteorder() Description: 1 if your computer stores numbers by using a hilo byte order and evaluates to 2 if your computer stores numbers by using a lohi byte order

Consider the number 1 written as a 2-byte integer. On some computers (called hilo), it is written as "00 01", and on other computers (called lohi), it is written as "01 00" (with the least significant byte written first). There are similar issues for 4-byte integers, 4-byte floats, and 8-byte floats. Stata automatically handles byte-order differences for Stata-created files. Users need not be concerned about this issue. Programmers producing custom binary files can use byteorder() to determine the native byte ordering; see [P] file. Range: 1 and 2

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