Stata 15 help for browse

[D] edit -- Browse or edit data with Data Editor


Edit using Data Editor

edit [varlist] [if] [in] [, nolabel]

Browse using Data Editor

browse [varlist] [if] [in] [, nolabel]



Data > Data Editor > Data Editor (Edit)


Data > Data Editor > Data Editor (Browse)


edit brings up a spreadsheet-style data editor for entering new data and editing existing data. edit is a better alternative to input; see [D] input.

browse is similar to edit, except that modifications to the data by editing in the grid are not permitted. browse is a convenient alternative to list; see [D] list.

See [GS] 6 Using the Data Editor (GSM, GSU, or GSW) for a tutorial discussion of the Data Editor. This entry provides the technical details.


nolabel causes the underlying numeric values, rather than the label values (equivalent strings), to be displayed for variables with value labels; see [D] label.


A tutorial discussion of edit and browse is found in the Getting Started with Stata manual. Technical details can be found in [D] edit.

edit, typed by itself, opens the Data Editor with all observations on all variables displayed. If you specify a varlist, only the specified variables are displayed in the Editor. If you specify one or both of in range and if exp, only the observations specified are displayed.

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