Stata 15 help for bootstrap_options

[SVY] bootstrap_options -- More options for bootstrap variance estimation


bootstrap_options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SE mse use MSE formula for variance nodots suppress replication dots dots(#) display dots every # replications bsn(#) bootstrap mean-weight adjustment

saving(filename, ...) save results to filename verbose display the full table legend noisily display any output from command trace trace command title(text) use text as the title for results nodrop do not drop observations reject(exp) identify invalid results ------------------------------------------------------------------------- saving(), verbose, noisily, trace, title(), nodrop, and reject() are not shown in the dialog boxes for estimation commands.


svy accepts more options when performing bootstrap variance estimation. See [SVY] svy bootstrap for a complete discussion.


+----+ ----+ SE +---------------------------------------------------------------

mse specifies that svy compute the variance by using deviations of the replicates from the observed value of the statistics based on the entire dataset. By default, svy computes the variance by using the deviations of the replicates from their mean.

nodots suppresses display of the replication dots. By default, one dot character is printed for each successful replication. A red `x' is displayed if command returns with an error, and `e' is displayed if at least one of the values in exp_list is missing.

dots(#) displays dots every # replications. dots(0) is a synonym for nodots.

bsn(#) specifies that # bootstrap replicate-weight variables were used to generate each bootstrap mean-weight variable specified in the bsrweight() option of svyset. The bsn() option of bootstrap overrides the bsn() option of svyset.

saving(), verbose, noisily, trace, title(), nodrop, and reject(); see [SVY] svy bootstrap.

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