Stata 15 help for bitowt


[D] bitowt -- Convert binary frequency records to frequency-weighted data


bitowt case#_var pop_var [if exp] [in range] [, case(newvarname) weight(newvarname) ]


bitowt converts binary frequency records to frequency weighted data. case#_var specifies the variable containing the number of cases represented by each observation and pop_var specifies the number of subjects (cases plus controls) represented by each observation. This command will change the data in memory.


case(newvarname) specifies the name of a new binary variable containing 1 for cases and 0 for controls. If case() is not specified, case(_case) is assumed.

weight(newvarname) specifies the name of a variable that will contain frequency weights. If weight() is not specified, weight(_weight) is assumed.


. bitowt deaths N . bitowt deaths N, case(cases) weight(wt)

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