Stata 15 help for axis_options

[G-3] axis_options -- Options for specifying numeric axes


axis_options allow you to change the title, labels, ticks, and scale of a numeric axis from the defaults set by the scheme.


axis_options are grouped into four classes.

axis_title_options specify the titles to appear next to the axes. They also allow you to format the title fonts. See [G-3] axis_title_options.

axis_label_options specify how the axes should be labeled and ticked. These options allow you to control the placement of major and minor ticks and labels. axis_label_options also allow you to add or to suppress grid lines on your graphs. See [G-3] axis_label_options.

axis_scale_options specify how the axes should be scaled -- either logarithmic scaled or reverse scaled to run from maximum to minimum. These options also allow you to change the range of the axes and the look of the lines that are the axes, including placement. See [G-3] axis_scale_options.

axis_choice_options control the specific axis on which a plot appears when there are multiple x or y axes. See [G-3] axis_choice_options.


Numeric axes are allowed with graph twoway and graph matrix and are allowed for one of the axes of graph bar, graph dot, and graph box. They are also allowed on the contour key of a legend on a contour plot. The default appearance of the axes is determined by the scheme but can be modified using axis_options.

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