Stata 15 help for args

args (in [P] syntax) -- Parse Stata syntax positionally


args macroname1 [macroname2 [macroname3 ...]]


args obtains command line arguments. It works on positional arguments -- the first, second, ... item entered on a command line. The syntax command is a more comprehensive command that also obtains command line arguments but does so according to Stata's language grammar. For an introduction to Stata's language, see language.

args assigns the first command line argument to the local macro macroname1, the second argument to macroname2, and so on. In the program, you subsequently refer to the contents of the macros by enclosing their names in single quotes: `macroname1', `macroname2', etc.


program myprog version 15.1 args varname dof beta ... (program uses macros `varname', `dof', and `beta') ... end

. myprog mpg 32 8.2

In this case `varname' is set to mpg, `dof' is set to 32, `beta' is set to 8.2.

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