Stata 15 help for anglestyle

[G-4] anglestyle -- Choices for the angle at which text is displayed


anglestyle Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- horizontal horizontal; reads left to right vertical vertical; reads bottom to top rvertical vertical; reads top to bottom rhorizontal horizontal; upside down

0 0 degrees; same as horizontal 45 45 degrees 90 90 degrees; same as vertical 180 180 degrees; same as rhorizontal 270 or -90 270 degrees; same as rvertical

# # degrees; whatever you desire; # may be positive or negative -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Other anglestyles may be available; type

. graph query anglestyle

to obtain the full list installed on your computer. If other anglestyles do exist, they are merely words attached to numeric values.


anglestyle specifies the angle at which text is to be displayed.


anglestyle is specified inside options such as the marker-label option mlabangle() (see [G-3] marker_label_options),

. graph ..., ... mlabel(...) mlabangle(anglestylelist) ...

or the axis-label suboption angle() (see [G-3] axis_label_options):

. graph ..., ... ylabel(..., angle(anglestyle) ...) ...

For mlabangle(), an anglestylelist is allowed. An anglestylelist is a sequence of anglestyles separated by spaces. Shorthands are allowed to make specifying the list easier; see [G-4] stylelists.

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