Stata 15 help for ado

[R] net -- Install and manage community-contributed additions from the net

[R] net search -- Search Internet for installable packages


Set current location for net

net from directory_or_url

Change to a different net directory

net cd path_or_url

Change to a different net site

net link linkname

Search for installed packages

net search word [word ...] [, search_options]

Report current net location


Describe a package

net describe pkgname [, from(directory_or_url)]

Set location where packages will be installed

net set ado dirname

Set location where ancillary files will be installed

net set other dirname

Report net 'from', 'ado', and 'other' settings

net query

Install ado-files and help files from a package

net install pkgname [, all replace force from(directory_or_url)]

Install ancillary files from a package

net get pkgname [, all replace force from(directory_or_url)]

Shortcut to access Stata Journal (SJ) net site

net sj vol-issue [insert]

Shortcut to access Stata Technical Bulletin (STB) net site

net stb issue [insert]

List installed packages

ado [, find(string) from(dirname)]

ado dir [pkgid] [, find(string) from(dirname)]

Describe installed packages

ado describe [pkgid] [, find(string) from(dirname)]

Uninstall an installed package

ado uninstall pkgid [, from(dirname)]

search_options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- or list packages that contain any of the keywords; default is all nosj search non-SJ and non-STB sources tocpkg search both tables of contents and packages; the default toc search table of contents only pkg search packages only everywhere search packages for match filenames search filenames associated with package for match errnone make return code 111 instead of 0 when no matches found -------------------------------------------------------------------------


pkgname is name of a package pkgid is name of a package or a number in square brackets: [#] dirname is a directory name or PLUS (default) or PERSONAL or SITE


net downloads and installs additions to Stata. The additions can be obtained from the Internet or from physical media. The additions can be ado-files (new commands), help files, or even datasets. Collections of files that may be installed as a group are bound together into a package.

net from moves you to a location and displays the content page.

net cd and net link change from your current location to other locations. net cd enters subdirectories of the original location. net link jumps from one location to another, depending on the code on the content page.

net search searches the Internet for community-contributed additions to Stata, including, but not limited to, community-contributed additions published in the Stata Journal (SJ) and in the Stata Technical Bulletin (STB). net search lists the available additions that contain the specified keywords.

net describe lists a package-description page. Packages are named, and you type net describe pkgname.

net set controls where net installs files. By default, net installs in the PLUS directory (see [P] sysdir). net set ado SITE would cause subsequent net commands to install in the SITE directory. net set other sets where ancillary files, such as .dta files, are installed. The default is the current directory.

net query displays the current net from, net set ado, and net set other settings.

net install installs a package into your copy of Stata.

net get copies any additional files (ancillary files) to your current directory (or location determined by net set other).

net sj and net stb simplify loading files from the Stata Journal and its predecessor, the Stata Technical Bulletin.

net sj vol-issue

is a synonym for typing

net from


net sj vol-issue insert

is a synonym for typing

net from net describe insert

ado manages the packages you have installed by using net. The ado command lets you list and uninstall previously installed packages.

ado dir (same as typing ado without arguments) lists the names and titles of the packages that you have installed.

ado describe lists full package-description pages.

ado uninstall removes packages from your computer.

Users can also access the net and ado features by selecting Help > SJ and community-contributed commands.

Details for those wishing to produce their own package files and download sites are provided in usersite, with more examples found in [R] net.

Options for net search

or is relevant only when multiple keywords are specified. By default, net search lists only packages that include all the keywords. or changes the command to list packages that contain any of the keywords.

nosj specifies that net search not list matches that were published in the Stata Journal or in the Stata Technical Bulletin.

tocpkg, toc, and pkg determine what is searched. tocpkg is the default, meaning that both tables of contents (tocs) and packages (pkgs) are searched. toc restricts the search to tables of contents. pkg restricts the search to packages.

everywhere and filenames determine where in packages net search looks for keywords. The default is everywhere. filename restricts net search to search for matches only in the filenames associated with a package. Specifying everywhere implies pkg.

errnone is a programmer's option that causes the return code to be 111 instead of 0 when no matches are found.

Options for net install and net get

all typed with either net install or net get is equivalent to typing net install followed by net get.

replace specifies that the downloaded files replace existing files if any of the files already exists.

force specifies that the downloaded files replace existing files if any of the files already exists, even if Stata thinks all the files are the same. force implies replace.

from(directory_or_url), when used with net, specifies the directory or URL where installable packages may be found. The directory or URL is the same as the one that would have been specified with net from.

Options for ado commands

find(string) specifies that the descriptions of the packages installed on your computer be searched and that the package descriptions containing string be listed.

from(dirname) specifies where the packages are installed. The default is from(PLUS). PLUS is a codeword that Stata understands to correspond to a particular directory that was set at installation time. On Windows computers, PLUS probably means the directory c:\ado\plus, but it might mean something else. You can find out what it means by typing sysdir, but doing so is irrelevant if you use the defaults.


To view the main Stata net downloading content page, type

. net from


. net link sj to see main SJ page . net cd software to see main page for software associated with SJ articles . net cd sj6-3 to then see the SJ volume 6, number 3 contents page . net describe st0109 to see a description of package st0109 . net install st0109 to install package st0109 . net get st0109 to obtain ancillary files for st0109

To see what you have installed, type

. ado to list packages that you have installed . ado describe st0109 to describe package st0109 that you installed . ado, find("partial") to find packages by using keyword search . ado uninstall st0109 to uninstall package st0109

To search the net for what is available about "random effects", type

. net search random effect

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