Stata 15 help for _vce_parse


[P] _vce_parse -- Parsing tool for the vce() option


_vce_parse [markvar] [, options ] : [weight] [, vce(vcetype) cluster(varname) robust ]

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- optlist(vcetypes) vcetypes that do not allow arguments argoptlist(vcetypes) vcetypes that require arguments pwallowed(vcetypes) vcetypes that are allowed with pweights old allow cluster() and robust ------------------------------------------------------------------------- vcetypes is one or more names allowed to be used in the vce() option. Use capital letters to specify minimum abbreviations as in syntax. Capital letters in the pwallowed() option are ignored.


_vce_parse is a programmer's tool that helps estimation commands parse the vce() option. _vce_parse validates the specified vce() option, and returns its results to r().


optlist(vcetypes) identifies the list of optional vcetypes that do not allow arguments.

argoptlist(vcetypes) identifies the list of optional vcetypes that require arguments.

pwallowed(vcetypes) identifies which of the vcetypes specified in optlist() and aroptlist() are allowed with pweights.

old specifies that cluster() and robust are allowed as synonyms for vce(cluster ...) and vce(robust). By default, _vce_parse will report an error if cluster() or robust are specified.

Stored results

_vce_parse stores the following in r():

Macros: r(vce) the specified vcetype r(vceargs) arguments r(vceopt) the reconstructed vce() option

r(robust) robust if vce(robust) or robust were specified r(cluster) varname if vce(cluster varname) or cluster(varname) were specified

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