Stata 15 help for _ms_unab


[P] _ms_unab -- Unabbreviate matrix stripe elements


_ms_unab lmacname : [speclist] [, min(#) max(#) name(string)]

where speclist is a list of valid matrix stripe elements, excluding the equation part.


_ms_unab unabbreviates the elements in speclist by using the variable names in the current dataset, placing the results in the local macro lmacname. _ms_unab is similar to fvunab, except that _ms_unab works with matrix stripe elements instead of varlists.


min(#) specifies the minimum number of variables allowed. The default is min(1).

max(#) specifies the maximum number of variables allowed. The default is max(32000).

name(string) provides a label that is used when printing error messages.

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