Stata 15 help for _ms_split


[P] _ms_split -- Matrix stripe splitting tools


_ms_split matrix_name [, row abbrev width(#) nocolon ]


_ms_split returns in r() a macro representation of the string matrix returned by Mata functions st_matrixrowstripe_split() and st_matrixcolstripe_split().


row specifies that _ms_split work with matrix_name's row stripe.

abbrev specifies that slightly different rules be applied for splitting. The maximum string width will be the sum of 20 plus # from width(#).

width(#) specifies the maximum number of characters allowed in each macro. The default is width(12).

nocolon indicates that a colon not be appended onto equation names.

Stored results

_ms_split stores the following in r():

Scalars r(k_rows) number of rows in the macro-represented string matrix r(k_cols) number of columns in the macro-represented string matrix

Macros r(stri_j) string matrix element from row i, column j

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