Stata 15 help for _ms_lf_info


[P] _ms_lf_info -- Matrix stripe linear form information


_ms_lf_info [, matrix(name) row]


_ms_lf_info returns information about the linear forms in the column stripe on e(b).


matrix(name) specifies that _ms_lf_info report information from the column stripe associated with the named matrix. The default matrix is e(b).

row specifies that the information come from the row stripe. The default is the column stripe.

Stored results

_ms_lf_info stores the following in r():

Scalars r(k_lf) number of linear forms r(k#) number of elements in the #th linear form r(freeparm#) indicator of free parameter for the #th linear form r(cons#) indicates presence of _cons in the #th linear form

Macros r(lf#) identifier for the #th linear form r(varlist#) variables participating in the #th linear form r(varlist) all variables participating in linear forms

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