Stata 15 help for _ms_eq_display


[P] _ms_eq_display -- Display a matrix stripe equation for coefficient tables


_ms_eq_display , equation(#) [matrix(name) row width(#) indent(#) novbar v0bar nov1bar nextra(#) wextra(#) astext aux]


_ms_eq_display displays a column equation in the format used by the coefficient tables of Stata's standard estimation commands.


equation(#) is required and specifies which equation to display.

matrix(name) specifies that _ms_eq_display display the equation by using the column stripe associated with the named matrix. The default matrix is e(b).

row specifies that the information come from the row stripe. The default is the column stripe.

width(#) affects how the returned strings are split or abbreviated. The default is width(12).

indent(#) specifies that the output be indented # characters. The default is indent(0).

novbar suppresses the vertical bar that usually follows the title.

v0bar adds a vertical bar preceding the title.

nov1bar suppresses the vertical bar that usually follows the split pieces of the title when it is spread over multiple lines.

nextra(#) and wextra(#) specify extra column information for filling in the vertical bars when the title is spread over multiple lines.

nextra(#) specifies that there be # extra columns following the title. The default is nextra(0).

wextra(#) specifies that the extra columns following the title have a common width of # characters. The default is wextra(0).

astext reports the equation using the {text} SMCL tag instead of the {result} SMCL tag. See smcl.

aux changes the alignment (makes it right justified) and prefixes the equation with /.

Stored results

_ms_eq_display stores the following in r():

Scalars r(output) indicates whether _ms_eq_display produced any output

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