Stata 15 help for _ms_element_info


[P] _ms_element_info -- Matrix stripe element information


_ms_element_info , element(#) [matrix(name) row equation(eqid) width(#)]


_ms_element_info returns information about the specified element in the column stripe on e(b). The resulting strings can be used to build row titles for a coefficient table.


element(#) specifies that the information come from the #th element in the first equation.

matrix(name) specifies that _ms_eq_info report information from the column stripe associated with the named matrix. The default matrix is e(b).

row specifies that the information come from the row stripe. The default is the column stripe.

equation(eqid) specifies that element(#) refers to the #th element within the identified equation. The default is the first equation.

width(#) affects how the returned strings are split/abbreviated. The default is width(12).

Stored results

_ms_element_info stores the following in r():

Scalars r(k) number of level values in r(level) r(k_term) number of macros that split/abbreviate r(term) r(k_operator) number of macros that split r(operator) r(k_level) number of macros that split r(level)

Macros r(type) element type: variable, factor, interaction r(term) term associated with the element r(term#) #th split/abbreviated piece of r(term) r(operator) time-series operator if specified element is a time-series operated standard variable r(operator#) #th split piece of r(operator) r(level) factor levels that identify the element within the term r(level#) #th split piece of r(level) r(note) "", (base), (empty), (omitted)

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