Stata 15 help for _ms_dydx_parse


[P] _ms_dydx_parse -- Parse dydx() specifications for postestimation commands


_ms_dydx_parse [dydx_varlist] [, ey ex]

dydx_varlist: dydx_var dydx_varlist dydx_var

dydx_var: indepvar _continuous _factor _all *

where indepvar is any valid single variable specification that identifies an independent variable participating in the column stripe for e(b), for example, standard variables with or without time-series operators, and factor-level variables (but not interactions of variables).

_continuous is a shortcut notation that means all the continuous indepvars.

_factor is a shortcut notation that means all the factor-variable indepvars.

_all and * are synonyms for _continuous _factor.


_ms_dydx_parse parses the contents of the standard dydx() options for some of Stata's postestimation commands.


ey and ex are used only for error messages. The default error message mentions "invalid dydx() option". With ey, the message becomes "invalid eydx() option"; with ex, the message becomes "invalid dyex() option"; with both, the message becomes "invalid eyex() option".

Stored results

_ms_dydx_parse stores the following in r():

Macros r(varlist) list of variables from dydx_varlist

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