Stata 15 help for _ms_build_info


[P] _ms_build_info -- Building extra factor-variables information into column stripes


_ms_build_info matrix_name [if] [in] [weight] [, row elabels]


_ms_build_info builds some factor-variables information from the dataset and stores it with the column stripe for matrix_name. This information identifies empty cells in factors and interactions in the column stripe.


row specifies that the information come from the row stripe. The default is the column stripe.

elabels specifies that value labels attached to factor variables in the column stripe of matrix_name be copied into the current estimation results.

This option, when combined with row, makes the value labels available for better labeled output when matrix_name is used with _matrix_table; see _matrix_table.

Stored results

_ms_build_info stores its results directly in the stripe information associated with matrix_name.

With option elabels, _ms_build_info also invisibly adds value-label information to the current estimation results.

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