Stata 15 help for _ms_at_parse


[P] _ms_at_parse -- Parse at() specifications for postestimation commands


_ms_at_parse [at_list] [, asobserved]

at_list: at_spec at_list at_spec ''

at_spec: ( at_stat ) at_var

at_stat: mean or omean median or omedian min or omin max or omax p1 or op1 ... p99 or op99 zero asbalanced asobserved base

at_var: indepvar indepvar = value indepvar = ( numlist ) indepvar = generate(exp) _continuous _factor _all *

where value is a numeric (nonmissing) value, exp is a numeric expression allowed by the generate command, and indepvar is any valid single variable specification that identifies an independent variable participating in the column stripe for e(b), for example, standard variables with or without time-series operators, and factor-level variables (but not interactions of variables).

_continuous is a shortcut notation that means all the continuous indepvars.

_factor is a shortcut notation that means all the factor-variable indepvars.

_all and * are synonyms for _continuous _factor.

Although an indepvar can be specified multiple times, only the rightmost at_stat has any affect, and only if the indepvar is not associated with value or numlist.


_ms_at_parse parses the contents of the standard at() option for some of Stata's postestimation commands.


asobserved indicates that any unspecified independent variable is to be left as observed. The default is to associate (mean) with each of the unspecified independent variables.

Stored results

_ms_at_parse stores the following in r():

Macros r(statlist) list of expressions or keywords associated with each of the p independent variables participating in the column names of e(b); a keyword is either asobserved or one of the at_stats r(atvars) list of variable names explicitly specified in at_list; this list preserved the order in which the variables were specified

Matrices r(at) a k x p matrix with k patterns of values associated with the full set of p independent variables participating in the column names of e(b)

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