Stata 15 help for _matrix_table


[P] _matrix_table -- Displaying matrix as a table


_matrix_table matname [, options]

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- formats(%fmt [%fmt ...]) format for table cells notitles do not display the table column titles display_options control row spacing, line width, and display of omitted variables -------------------------------------------------------------------------


_matrix_table is an alternative to matrix list that looks more like the output from _coef_table. The column titles are taken from the column names of matname. The row titles are taken from the row names of matname and are formatted to look like the coefficients.


format(%fmt) specifies the numeric format for the table cells.

notitles prevents the display of the table column titles.

display_options: noomitted, vsquish, noemptycells, baselevels, allbaselevels, nofvlabel, fvwrap(#), fvwrapon(style), and nolstretch; see [R] estimation options.

Stored results

_matrix_table stores the following in s():

Macros s(width_col1) width of the first column s(width) width of table

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