Stata 15 help for _matplot


[G-2] _matplot -- Scatterplot of matrix


_matplot matname [, options ]

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- columns(#1 #2) columns used as y and x; default 1 2 matrix graph as a scatterplot matrix nonames suppress display of rownames with points scatter_options see [G-2] graph twoway scatter graph_matrix_options see [G-2] graph matrix -------------------------------------------------------------------------


_matplot produces a plot of two columns of a matrix, with the data points marked by the rownames. All columns may be plotted by specifying the matrix option.


columns(#1 #2) specifies the columns of the matrices used as the y- and x-coordinate of the plot. The y-coordinate is displayed vertically. The default is columns(1 2). This option may not be used with matrix.

matrix specifies that all columns are to be plotted using graph matrix. This option may not be used with columns().

nonames suppresses labeling of data with rownames.

scatter_options are any options allowed with scatter. You may be especially interested in options for the display of the row labels, see [G-3] marker_label_options.

graph_matrix_options affect the rendition of the matrix plot; see [G-2] graph matrix. These options are allowed only when the matrix option is specified.


. _matplot m . _matplot m, columns(2 1) . _matplot m, matrix nonames

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