Stata 15 help for _get_eqspec


[P] _get_eqspec -- Parsing tool for generating scores


_get_eqspec c_eqlist c_stub c_k : matname


_get_eqspec uses c_local to create local macros in the command that calls it. Therefore, choose your c_* arguments carefully.


_get_eqspec is a programming tool that helps identify the equation elements from a coefficient vector.

Local macros reserved by caller

c_eqlist will contain the list of equation names.

c_stub is the stub for local macros that will contain the names of the independent variables (x variables) for a given equation, and whether a constant was suppressed from that equation.

For example, if x1 and x2 are independent variables in the second equation, then c_stub2xvars will contain "x1 x2". If the constant term was suppressed from this equation, then c_stub2nocons will contain "nocons"; otherwise it would be empty.

c_k will contain the number of equations.


matname identifies a coefficient vector. The most common case is where matname is a temporary copy of e(b).

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