Stata 15 help for _get_diopts


[P] _get_diopts -- Parsing tool for estimation commands


_get_diopts diopts [rest] [, options]


_get_diopts helps with syntax checking and parsing options for estimation commands. The options specified in options will be separated into groups and returned in local macros specified by the caller. The names of the local macros are identified by diopts and rest.

diopts is required and will contain those options that control how the coefficient table generates output. Options returned in diopts are

level(#) vsquish baselevels allbaselevels nocnsreport fullcnsreport noomitted noemptycells nolstretch coeflegend selegend noci nopvalues cformat() sformat() pformat() nolstretch nofvlabel fvwrap(#) fvwrapon(style)

rest, if specified, will contain all other options that were not returned in diopts. If rest is not specified, then any extra options will cause an error.


. _get_diopts diopts options, `options'

. _get_diopts options, `options'

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