Stata 15 help for _coef_table_header


[P] _coef_table_header -- Automatic headers for coefficient tables


_coef_table_header [, rclass noheader nomodeltest title(string) notvar]


_coef_table_header generates a header for a coefficient table. It looks at macros and scalars stored in e() for building the header. _coef_table_header will automatically display a model test if e(df_m) is an integer value. _coef_table_header displays a slightly more verbose header for svy results.


rclass specifies that the header information is in r() instead of e().

noheader causes _coef_table_header to exit before displaying anything.

nomodeltest prevents _coef_table_header from displaying a model F or chi-squared test.

title(string) specifies a title for the header.

notvar specifies not to display time-series information in the header. If e(tvar), e(tmaxs), and e(tmins) exist, then the time-series sample range is displayed in the coefficient table header.


. _coef_table_header

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