Stata 15 help for _b_pclass


[P] _b_pclass -- Programmer's utility for constructing e(b_pclass)


_b_pclass lname : key


_b_pclass maintains the list of key and value pairs used to set the elements of e(b_pclass), which in turn is used to control the calculations and output produced in estimation results. See [P] _coef_table.

In the above syntax, _b_pclass determines the value corresponding to key and returns it in the local macro named lname.

Here is the list of the keys, their values, and a brief description.

key value Description ---------------------------------------------------------------------- default 0 generic model parameter coef 1 model coefficient aux 2 auxiliary parameter, suppress test/p-value mean 3 mean parameter var 4 variance parameter, suppress test/p-value, log transform for CI cov 5 covariance parameter corr 6 correlation parameter, tanh transform for CI cilogit 7 probability parameters, suppress test/p-value, logit transform for CI ignore 8 parameter that should not be displayed in table, suppress point estimate, standard error, test, and p-value VAR 100 variance parameter, truncate lower CI at 0 bseonly 101 suppress test/p-value and CI ----------------------------------------------------------------------

sem uses a separate system for managing the values in e(b_pclass).

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