Stata 15 help for Project Manager

[P] Project Manager -- Organize Stata files


The Project Manager is a tool for organizing and navigating Stata files. It allows you to collect all the files associated with a given project into a single interface where you can have quick access to them without navigating through file dialogs. You can open do-files in the Do-file Editor, use Stata data, and draw saved Stata graphs by double-clicking on the files in the Project Manager. There are no limitations to the kinds of files you can add to a project. If you are using Stata for Mac, you can also open non-Stata documents in their default applications just by double-clicking on the files.

To open the Project Manager, from within the Do-file Editor on Windows and Unix or from within the main menu on Mac, select File > New > Project....


See Remarks and examples in [P] Project Manager for more information.

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