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Search Stata's help files

Want to know whether Stata has a particular feature or statistic? Try the search command used by the Stata software to search Stata's keyword database.

search provides a list of references — references to the on-line help, references to the printed documentation, references to articles that have appeared in the Stata Technical Bulletin (STB), and references to the FAQs on the website.

Type a topic such as regression or survival analysis or even Gini coefficients or Lorenz curve, and Stata itself will tell you what it knows. (It is best if you use the singular, Lorenz curve and not curves, but in most cases, Stata will find it anyway. The more narrowly you define the topic, the fewer matches Stata will find.)

Search topic:

We're running Stata on our server and this gives us a chance to show off Stata's on-line help features.





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