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st: obtaining confidence interval from -lincom-

From   Tom <>
Subject   st: obtaining confidence interval from -lincom-
Date   Sat, 25 May 2013 15:04:16 +0200

Dear list,

My research supervisor told me that I can generate a marginal effects
plot much like the one on page 14 of Brambor et al. (2006). [1]

Note that using marginsplot in Stata 12 does not create such plot.
Therefore my supervisor told me to  do the following:

## code start ##

* regress *
reg g ipr dtflog dtflogipr i.cid, robust

cap drop l_dtf
cap drop l_est
gen l_dtflog = .
gen l_est = .

* lincom *
forval i = 1/61 {
    local dtflog = (`i'-1) / 10

    lincom _b[ipr] + `dtflog' * _b[dtflogipr], level(95)

    * save *
    replace l_dtflog = `dtflog' in `i'
    replace l_est = r(estimate) in `i'


line l_est l_dtflog

## code end ##

In short: the regression has two main independent variables ipr and
dtflog and one interaction term of these two variables (dtflogipr).
dtflog ranges from 0 to 6 and is looped through to see the interaction
effect for certain values of dtflog.

I want to make the same graph as Brambor et al. (2006), where both
confidence interval borders being above or below the horizontal axis
indicates a singificant interaction effect.

The only problem so far seems to be that while lincom returns a
confidence interval, when I do -return list- I only see the estimate
in r(estimate), but I cannot retrieve the confidence interval from the

So, how would I retrieve the confidence interval listed in the table
after running -lincom- ?


[1]: Brambor, Thomas, William Roberts Clark, and Matt Golder.
"Understanding interaction models: Improving empirical analyses."
Political analysis 14.1 (2006): 63-82.
Available from
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