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st: RE: Creating a table with sample restriction specifics in headers

From   "Radwin, David" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Creating a table with sample restriction specifics in headers
Date   Mon, 20 May 2013 13:22:39 -0400


I'm scarcely familiar with -estout- (Ben Jann, SSC) and -estimates
store-, but as for the first part of your question, you can use an
extended macro function to refer to a variable label. For example:

. sysuse auto
. display "`: variable label make'"

It's hard to tell from your example, but I think you actually want a
value label for each value of the numeric variable V7. There is a
different syntax for that:

. display "`: label (foreign) 1'"

In your code it might be:

. somecommand "`: label (V7) `l''"

That is the number 1 in the second to last example and the letter l in
the last example.

David Radwin
Senior Research Associate
Education Studies Division
RTI International
2150 Shattuck Ave., Suite 800
Berkeley, CA 94704
Phone: 510-665-8274

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> Sent: Monday, May 20, 2013 8:44 AM
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> Subject: st: Creating a table with sample restriction specifics in
> Hi all,
> I'm looping a regression over approximately a dozen countries X 3
> years= 21 different samples. Instead of going through and eyeballing
> each set of regressions one by one, I want to compile them all into a
> table and automatically head each table with the sample that that
> regression is limited to. The variable that restricts the sample is
> numeric, but the labels are string (CZ_08, for example, is the Czech
> Republic in 2008).  In other words, is there a way to create a macro
> from a variable label, and then directly input that macro into the
> header of an estout or estimates table.
> levelsof V7, local(levels)
> foreach l of local levels {
>   ologit V36 V33 $demo if V7 == `l'
>   tab V6 if e(sample)==1
>   tab Year if e(sample)==1
>   est store
>  }
> Thanks in advance,
> Stephen
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