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st: anyone using xsmle-pls help

From   ken first <>
Subject   st: anyone using xsmle-pls help
Date   Wed, 15 May 2013 14:19:46 +0100

Dear Stata users,

could someone please help with this matrix problem? I got this message
when using xsmle.

I have a panel data for 10 years and 30 regions.

First, I have created a panel matrix using spawmat. The matrix is
similar to the sample file you provided.

=93spatwmat, name(abc) xcoord( longitude ) ycoord( latitude ) band(0 5)

1. Inverse distance weights matrix abc (row-standardized)

   Dimension: 300x300

   Distance band: 0 < d <=3D 5

   Friction parameter: 1

   Minimum distance: 0.0

   1st quartile distance: 7.8

   Median distance: 12.2

   3rd quartile distance: 17.6

   Maximum distance: 47.1

   Largest minimum distance: 14.14

   Smallest maximum distance: 24.60

Beware! 30 locations have no neighbors

   You are advised to extend the distance band =93

2. I have then use xsmle and received the following message

xsmle variable a b c d, wmat(abc)

                       *:  3200  conformability error

            _xsmle_est():     -  function returned error

                 <istmt>:     -  function returned error

I have also converted the stata matrix into a spmat file and still get the
same message.

I have also tried to use spmat to create matrix as the help indicates but
spmat seems to be for creating matrices for cross sectional data.

It would be highly appreciated if you could help with this. thank you in
advance .

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