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Re: st: do-file editor shortcuts

From   David Kantor <>
Subject   Re: st: do-file editor shortcuts
Date   Thu, 09 May 2013 11:07:02 -0400

Hello again.

Oops. I should have read your message more carefully.
I alluded to the menus to tell you the keystroke equivalent. I use Stata 10, and evidently, they are not there in Stata 12.
Here are some keystrokes:

ctrl-N -- new file
ctrl-O -- Open
ctrl-S -- Save
ctrl-shift-S -- Save As

ctrl-shift-Y -- Select Line
ctrl-Y -- Delete Line
ctrl-U -- Change Case (on selected text)
ctrl-I -- Shift Right
ctrl-shift-I -- Shift Left

F3 -- Find Next
ctrl-H -- Replace
ctrl-F -- Find
ctrl-L -- Go to Line
ctrl-B -- Balance (*)
ctrl-5 -- Match (*)

ctrl-D -- Do
ctrl-shift-D -- Do to Bottom
ctrl-R -- Run

(* -- I don't yet know what those mean.)


At 10:36 AM 5/9/2013, you wrote:
At 11:15 PM 5/8/2013, Timothy Mak wrote:
Hi Statalist,

The Stata do-file editor obviously recognizes a number of keystrokes which are shortcuts for some features. For example, Ctrl-I is indent and Ctrl-Shift-I is decrease indent. These were available in the menu of Stata 10 editors, but not anymore in Stata 12, although the shortcuts continue to work.

Occasionally I pressed something accidentally, and the editor changed in some queer ways, and I wasn't able to identify what I pressed. Once the spacing between the lines increased. Another time "hidden characters" which seemed to be paragraph marks appeared, and I wasn't able to get rid of them except by closing and reopening the file. Has someone collected a list of active shortcuts for the do-file editors?

You can invoke any of the menus by ctrl plus the initial letter. Thus, ctrl-F gives you FIle.
Then you can make your choice by typing one of the underlined letters.
So, to save, I go, ctrf-F S.

On each of the menus, the shortcuts are explained. E.g., under Edit, you see ctrl-U for change case. Under File, you'll find ctrl-S for Save (another alternative way to Save) plus others.

In addition to those seen in the menus...

Shift + arrow keys selects text.
ctrl-Home -- go to top of buffer
ctrl-End -- go to bottom of buffer
ctrl-PgUp -- cycle forward through multiple buffers
ctrl-PgDn -- cycle backward through multiple buffers
ctrl-Tab -- cycle backward through multiple buffers (just discovered that today by accident).

There may be others.

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