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Re: st: Reshaping dataset

From   Christopher Zbrozek <>
Subject   Re: st: Reshaping dataset
Date   Fri, 26 Apr 2013 12:41:51 -0400

Hi Andrea,

If I'm understanding the problem correctly, the same type of
information is in cadena, cadenacompartida1, and cadenacompartida2 in
a wide format. You want to reshape to a long format where the info
from all three of those variables is in a single variable, cadena,

In that case, you could rename the variables to cadena1, cadena2, and
cadena3 and reshape long, and Stata will understand that the values
from all three of those variables should go in a single variable,
cadena, in the long dataset, and your by groups should form correctly.
(The same process would also apply to the subcadena variables, of

Hope that helps,
Christopher Zbrozek
University of Michigan

On Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 12:24 PM, Andrea Molinari <> wrote:
> Dear statalisters,
> I´m working with a dataset which groups many dimensions and I´m having
> a little trouble reshaping the data for the (rather basic)
> calculations I need to do.
> The dataset has the following columns:
> year flow partner value cadena usoecon subcadena cadenacompartida1
> subcadenacompartida1 cadenacompartida2 subcadenacompartida2
> In order to regroup the data summing "value" by year, flow, cadena
> subcadena and usoecon, I need that:
> - the values in cadenacompartida1 and cadenacompartida2 go under those
> in the column "cadena"
> - the values in subcadenacompartida1 and "subcadenacompartida2"   go
> under those in the column "subcadena"
> To do so, I tried several options with -reshape long-, but I don´t
> seem to get the right reshaping to get the data in the way I need to
> then calculate:
> bysort year flow cadena subcadena usoecon: egen double svalue=sum(value)
> Any ideas of those handling large datasets would be more than welcomed!
> Cheers,
> Andrea
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