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st: summary statistics for hierarchical data in one single table

From   Michael Tekle Palm <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: summary statistics for hierarchical data in one single table
Date   Fri, 26 Apr 2013 16:46:14 +0200

I'm attempting to create a summary statistics table for three variables, with the population disaggregated into two levels, that is presented in one single table instead of a series of tables. I am using Stata 11.2 for Mac OS.

The general idea of what kind of table I want to create can be illustrated using the following Stata command: 
by village sex: summarize age enrolled grade
where "village" is my highest hierarchical class, "sex" is my lower hierarchical class, and "age", "enrolled" and "grade" are the three variables I want summary statistics for. However, this command creates {village*sex} number of tables. Simply put, I want the same type of output created by this variable but compiled in a single table and then exportable to LaTeX. I have attempted to create a visual example of how one might envision the table to look below:

       Variable         |       Obs         Mean        Std. Dev.       Min       Max
VILLAGE#1               |
    male                |
        age             |       221         13.9         4.23             4        21
        enrolled        |       221         .84          .36              0        1
        grade           |       221         4.23         3.21             0        12
    female              |
        age             |       220         14.5         4.1              4        22
        enrolled        |       220         .87          .33              0        1
        grade           |       220         4.84         3.52             0        12
VILLAGE#2               |
    male                |
        age             |       180         ETC...       ETC...

Any help will be greatly appreciated by a thesis-writing novice Stata user!

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