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st: Question about generating the weight of WLS

Subject   st: Question about generating the weight of WLS
Date   Thu, 25 Apr 2013 06:37:18 -0400

Hi everybody
- I have stata IC 10

-I have a panel data. To take in to consideration the considerable variation of the MFIs (microfinance institutions) across countries on the empirical results, I resort to a weighted least squares with the weight being the inverse of the number of MFIs for the country in the database in a given year.

Can someone help me on how to generate the inverse of the number of MFIs for the country in the database in a given year and how to handle this WLS. Please find below an example of the data
Thanks for your time and consideration

year        mfi        country
2004        AFS        Afghanistan
2004        BRAC - AFG        Afghanistan
2004        FINCA - AFG        Afghanistan
2004        FMFB - AFG        Afghanistan
2005        AFS                 Afghanistan
2005        BRAC - AFG        Afghanistan
2005        CFA                 Afghanistan
2005        FINCA - AFG        Afghanistan
2005        FMFB - AFG        Afghanistan
2005        MADRAC                 Afghanistan
2004        ASC Union         Albania
2004        BESA                  Albania
2004        FAF-DC                  Albania
2004        NOA - ALB         Albania
2005        ASC Union         Albania
2005        BESA                  Albania
2005        FAF-DC                 Albania
2005        NOA -   ALB        Albania
2004        BMM C?rdoba        Argentina
2004        Emprenda                 Argentina
2004        Entre Todos        Argentina
2004        FIE Gran Poder        Argentina
2004        Grameen Chaco        Argentina
2005        Alternativa 3        Argentina
2005        BMM C??rdoba        Argentina
2005        Emprenda                 Argentina
2005        Entre Todos        Argentina
2005        FIE Gran Poder        Argentina
2005        Grameen Chaco        Argentina

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