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Re: st: mi estimate with wide data - "no imputations" error

From   daniel klein <>
To   "" <>
Subject   Re: st: mi estimate with wide data - "no imputations" error
Date   Fri, 19 Apr 2013 12:29:31 +0200


I do not think there is anything wrong with your setup, except you do
not impute any values. If you type

. char li

in Stata, you will find the value 0 in the characteristic _dta[_mi_M],
which is telling Stata how many imputations there are. There is the
-mi set M- command which allows to set the number of imputations, but
I have not yet figured out, if and how it can be used in this

You can, nevertheless, "fix" this problem typing

. char _dta[_mi_M] 5

Here is an example using auto.dta

// toy data
sysuse auto
forv j = 1/5 {
    g _`j'_rep78 = cond(mi(rep78), floor(5*runiform() + 1), rep78)

// declare mi
mi set w
mi reg imp rep78

// estiamtion (will not work)
cap n mi est : reg price i.rep78 mpg

// Stata cannot find any imputations
// here is why
char li

// fix it (work around)
char _dta[_mi_M] 5

// estiamtion
mi est : reg price i.rep78 mpg

Note that this is a work around and may introduce other probems. I
recommend reading through -help mi_technical- first.

Others may give other/better advice.


I am analyzing data that contains m = 5 imputations of a single
variable - poverty level (plev).

I did not impute the data - they were provided in a separate file from
the original data file that contained the missing data. I merged in
the imputed variables in wide format.

I have the following variables:

I also have a 0,1 variable that indicates if the values of plev and
_1_plev through _5_plev are imputed, but only plev has missing values.

When I try to run mi estimate, I get the error "no imputations" so
clearly I am not setting this up correctly.

I have tried this sequence:
mi set wide
mi register imputed plev
mi register regular gender
mi estimate: reg plev gender


What is the correct syntax for mi estimate when your data is in wide
format and therefore imputed values are in separate variables? Or is
my problem in the way I have set up the data? Or the way in which I
have declared to Stata the format of my mi data?
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