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Re: st: RE: How to overlay four Cox survival curves in one graph

From   Nick Cox <>
To   "" <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: How to overlay four Cox survival curves in one graph
Date   Fri, 19 Apr 2013 01:05:46 +0100

Tim gave an explanation. Looking at the help gives you more detail:

 basesurv(newvar) adds newvar to the data containing the estimated
baseline survivor
        function.  In the null model, this is equivalent to the
Kaplan-Meier product-limit
        estimate.  If strata() is also specified, baseline estimates
for each stratum are

So you need to run each model separately with -basesurv()- as an
option. Then you can plot those variables on a -line- plot. You'll
need to work on the -legend()- as -basesurv()- attaches the same
variable label.


On 19 April 2013 00:09, agnes cheah <> wrote:

> Thanks  Tim and Nick. However, I am not sure which words I need to
> replace with variable names or commands to draw the 4 curves in one
> graph. Do I have to save the graphs into memory and call in out again
> later?
> Just to put it in context, I used these commands to plot Cox survival
> curves each time after performing the stcox regression
> stcurve, survival at 1(group=0 at 2(group=1)- plotted two lines based on group
> stcurve, survival at 1(Drug=1) at 2(Drug=2)- plotted two lines based on Drug

On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 8:04 PM, Nick Cox <> wrote:

>> This should work too, in the same example.
>> line basesurvest* _t, connect(J ..) sort legend(order(1 "1" 2 "2" 3 "3"))

On 18 April 2013 10:58, Tim Evans <> wrote:

>>> Can you run -stcox- with and estimate the basesurv. You should then be able to construct your survival curves in one graph using something like this:
>>> forval i = 1/3 {
>>> stcox if whatever==`i', estimate basesurv(basesurvest`i')
>>> }
>>> line basesurvest1 _t, connect(J) sort || /*
>>> */ line basesurvest2 _t, connect(J) sort || /*
>>> */ line basesurvest3 _t, connect(J) sort
>> agnes cheah
>>> I have plotted two separate Cox survival curves (corresponding to two Cox models). How do I overlay the two plots (containing 2 curves, because stcurve, by variable command used) into one single graph)? I tried graph combine (not what I want) and addplot (does not seem to work).

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