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st: Copying structures

From   Matthew White <>
Subject   st: Copying structures
Date   Mon, 15 Apr 2013 00:26:04 -0400

Hi Statalist members,

I'm using a Mata structure in a function that looks like this:

void function write_lists(struct odklist rowvector lists)
    real scalar i
    struct odklist scalar list
    struct odklist rowvector newlists

    newlists = odklist()
    for (i = 1; i <= length(lists); i++) {
        list = lists[i]

        // Modify variable list.

        // If list satisfies certain criteria, add it to newlists.

    // More code

    for (i = 1; i <= length(newlists); i++) {
        // Do stuff with newlists[i].

My problem is that over the course of the function, the argument lists
is modified: after each element of lists is copied to list (-list =
lists[i]-), the element is modified whenever list is modified. It's as
if list and lists[i] have been linked.

Here's a simpler example:


struct point {
    real scalar x, y

void function myfunc()
    struct point rowvector mypoints

    mypoints = point(2)
    mypoints[1].x = mypoints[1].y = 1
    mypoints[2].x = mypoints[2].y = 2


void function mysubroutine(struct point rowvector mypoints)
    struct point scalar firstpoint

    firstpoint = mypoints[1]
    firstpoint.x = firstpoint.x + 1



Before -mysubroutine()-, mypoints[1].x = 1. Afterwards, mypoints[1].x
= 2. This is despite the fact that the only use of mypoints is to make
firstpoint a copy of mypoints[1].

It seems to work fine to copy a struct scalar to another struct scalar
or a struct vector to another struct vector, but copying an element of
a struct vector to a struct scalar results in this behavior.

I'm using Stata 12.1 SE on Windows 7. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Matthew White
Senior Project Associate
Innovations for Poverty Action
101 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, CT 06510 USA
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