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st: spregsdmxt - where is it?

From   Jennifer Day <>
To   <>
Subject   st: spregsdmxt - where is it?
Date   Mon, 08 Apr 2013 18:47:40 +1000

Hello out there!

I'd like to estimate an MLE spatial Durbin panel regression.  According to
the Stata help files for spmstard <help spmstard>, there is a routine all
written for this.  However, I can't find any help files or documentation
on it.  Absolutely nothing pops up either, when I google "Stata
spregsdmxt."  I've also tried <findit spregsdmxt> and <ssc install
spregsdmxt> at the Stata command line.  Nothing!  I also tried searching
for spregxt, in find it and ssc install, thinking this might be a parent
program.  Still nothing!

How can I use spregsdmxt?  Here's the language that appears in the
spmstard help files:

Online Help:

*** Spatial Econometrics Regression Models:

*** (1) Spatial Panel Data Regression Models:
spregxt      Spatial Panel Regression Econometric Models: Stata Module
gs2slsxt     Generalized Spatial Panel 2SLS Regression
gs2slsarxt   Generalized Spatial Panel Autoregressive 2SLS Regression
spglsxt      Spatial Panel Autoregressive Generalized Least Squares
spgmmxt      Spatial Panel Autoregressive Generalized Method of Moments
spmstarxt    (m-STAR) Spatial Lag Panel Models
spmstardxt   (m-STAR) Spatial Durbin Panel Models
spmstardhxt  (m-STAR) Spatial Durbin Multiplicative Heteroscedasticity
Panel Models
spmstarhxt   (m-STAR) Spatial Lag Multiplicative Heteroscedasticity Panel
spregdhp     Spatial Panel Han-Philips Linear Dynamic Regression: Lag &
Durbin Models
spregdpd     Spatial Panel Arellano-Bond Linear Dynamic Regression: Lag &
Durbin Models
spregfext    Spatial Panel Fixed Effects Regression: Lag & Durbin Models
spregrext    Spatial Panel Random Effects Regression: Lag & Durbin Models
spregsacxt   MLE Spatial AutoCorrelation Panel Regression (SAC)
spregsarxt   MLE Spatial Lag Panel Regression (SAR)
spregsdmxt   MLE Spatial Durbin Panel Regression (SDM)
spregsemxt   MLE Spatial Error Panel Regression (SEM)


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