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st: Mtest Mstat problem

From   James Kirkbride <>
Subject   st: Mtest Mstat problem
Date   Fri, 22 Mar 2013 11:28:12 +0000

Dear all

I am hoping for advice on an issue I cannot find detailed on the web, on these archives or in the documentation provided with the mstat & mtest commands (see

I would like to conduct an mtest to determine whether the spatial distribution of two groups (based on their residential x-y coordinates) differs.

I believe I have set-up my data files correctly according to the mtest documentation, but when I run the mstat command I get an r3301 error message "3301 subscript invalid". When I run the mtest command I do not get this error message but the output table does not provide any statistics:

. mtest, x(oseast1m) y(osnrth1m) g(status) iter(10000) scatter density

M statistic
Monte Carlo permutation results
H0: The two groups have the same spatial distribution
Number of bins = 20
Number of permutations = 10000

M(obs)       c       n   p=c/n   SE(p) [95% Conf. Interval]

.       .       .       .       .         .          .

I would be grateful for any help offered on this matter. I have tried running this in both Stata 11 & 12. Just to say that the graphs produced by these commands execute successfully.

Thank you


James Kirkbride Ph.D.

Sir Henry Wellcome Research Fellow
Department of Psychiatry
University of Cambridge
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