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st: -ivregress- bug or feature?

From   Hiroyuki Kawakatsu <>
Subject   st: -ivregress- bug or feature?
Date   Thu, 21 Mar 2013 15:54:22 +0000


-ivregress- does not appear to detect collinearity appropriately
when the -noconstant- option is specified and a (user generated)
constant is included in the instrument list. Is this a feature or
bug? (the error appears to be generated in the `hidden' command
_rmcoll* in -CheckCollin- of ivregress.ado)

/*code to illustrate feature/bug*/
set obs 10
set seed 1

gen x1 = rnormal()
gen x2 = rnormal()
gen y = x1 - x2 + rnormal()
gen z1 = 1
gen z2 = rnormal()
ivregress gmm y (x1 x2 = z1 z2), nocon

the last line results in the error:
note: z1 omitted because of collinearity
equation not identified; must have at least as many instruments not in
the regression as there are instrumented variables

not clear what z1 is collinear with... -gmm- works fine with

gmm (y - {b1}*x1 - {b2}*x2), one inst(z1 z2, nocons)

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