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Re: st: Yitzhaki index

From   Alexandru Cojocaru <>
Subject   Re: st: Yitzhaki index
Date   Fri, 15 Mar 2013 10:04:21 -0400

Dear Frank,

See two answers (by Martin Weiss and Bill Gould) to your question in
this thread:


On Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 7:38 AM, Nick Cox <> wrote:
> Please see
> and the heading "Precise references please!".  Minimal person (date)
> references are deprecated on Statalist.
> The literature you allude to has been bedevilled for decades by the
> same name for different things and different names for the same thing.
> Before you try writing your own code, be sure that what you want is
> not obtainable from user-written programs, or at worst by modifying
> user-written programs. There is, exceptionally, a manual entry [R[
> inequality documenting such publications and there's a wider selection
> under -search inequality-.
> Nick
> "Frank Elgar, Dr."
>> My dataset contains a group variable (schoolID) and affluence variable
>> (FAS).  I want to calculate Yitzhaki's (1979) index of relative
>> deprivation for each individual within schools, the reference group. The
>> Yitzhaki index is simply the average distance that separates the income of
>> each individual from all higher incomes in the group.  As such, feelings
>> of deprivation are based on upward comparisons.
>> It does not seem that complicated but I cannot sort out the syntax.
>> I have been tried things along the lines of
>> by schoolID, sort: egen totFAS=total(FAS)
>> by schoolID, sort: egen maxFAS=max(FAS)
>> by schoolID, sort: egen schoolsize=count(FAS)
>> by schoolID, sort: generate
>> yitz=(((total(FAS))-FAS)/schoolsize-1)-FAS)/(size-1)
>> by schoolID, sort: replace yitz=0 if FAS>=maxFAS
>> But this isn't even close. The distances must be based on all higher FAS
>> values within each schoolID. Any suggestions?
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