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Re: st: Amelia object as data.frame

From   Laura Maria Schwirz <>
Subject   Re: st: Amelia object as data.frame
Date   Tue, 26 Feb 2013 15:08:27 +0000

Thanks for your advice. Stata's mi does in fact not support msp and
appears to allow mainly for various types of regression. Using another
programme to impute data is just one option although as you very well
point out I do need to bear in mind assumptions underlying mi and MSP.

On 26 February 2013 14:09, daniel klein <> wrote:
> Aside from the obvious -- R questions are not the topic to be
> discussed on Statalist -- based on your earlier question
> ( I get
> the impression you switch software, because Stata did not do what you
> wanted.
> That is not necessarily a problem, but just some words of caution.
> Chaniging to another software, because Stata does not do what you
> want, might not always be the best choice, given that there might be
> good reason why Stat does not do what you want. Just because a(nother)
> software does something, it does not mean that this something makes
> any sense, or is statistically "correct".
> In your case the appearant reason -msp- (SSC) does not work with -mi-
> is, that its author did not implement it to work with -mi-. Whether
> there is a good statistical reason remains unclear to me. My point is,
> that in any case you should think carefully about about what you want
> to do. If you, for example,  want to combine Loevinger's H, think
> about the distribution of this statistic. Is it normal? If not,
> applying Rubin's combination rules (regardless of software) might not
> be appropriate. This is discussed here:
> along with how to get Stata to combine results from commands that do
> not support -mi-.
> btw. Ameliaseems to  assume the data to follow a multivariat normal
> distribution, which might not be appropriate with Items used for
> Mokken scale analysis, and you need to think about this, too.
> Best
> Daniel
> --
> Hi Stata Users
> I have run multiple imputations using R's Amelia package and would
> like to use the imputed dataset to analyse Mokken Scale Analysis.
> But mokken requires the object to be a data frame. I tried
> and as.matrix(x) but it says that it cannot coerce
> class amelia into a data frame or matrix.
> Error in :
>   cannot coerce class '"amelia"' into a data.frame
> coefH(australia93)
> Error in : Data are not matrix or data.frame
> Any help would be much appreciated.
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Laura Schwirz

PhD Candidate and IRCHSS Scholar
Department of Political Science
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2
Republic of Ireland
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