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st: how to generate parent variables matched to their children in household level data set?

From   Haena Lee <>
Subject   st: how to generate parent variables matched to their children in household level data set?
Date   Fri, 22 Feb 2013 16:45:12 -0600

Hi Stata users,
I am working on investigating the relationship between maternal
employment status and prevalence of childhood obesity using a
nationally representative data (KNHANES). Suppose I have ID(all
observations including both children and parents), ID_fam (household
ID_F( father's ID), ID_M (mother's ID), BMI (body mass index) and
finally Emp (employment status 1 if employed; 0 if non-employed) as
the following;

ID_F	          ID_M	         BMI	                ID	          ID_fam       Emp
		                                 26.501      	A901963701	 A9019637   1
		                                 20.483     	A901963702	 A9019637   1
A901963701	A901963702	 20.924    	A901963703	 A9019637    .
		                                 27.209    	A901963801	 A9019638   1
		                                 31.733     	A901963802	 A9019638    .
A901963801	A901963802	18.018            A901963803	 A9019638    .
A901963801	A901963802	19.054     	A901963804	 A9019638    .

And ultimately, I would like to have a data set like this following;

ID (children)   ID_fam         BMI        Mom's Bmi Mom's Emp   Dad's Emp
A901963703  A9019637   20.924   20.483         1                    1
A901963803  A9019638   18.018   31.733          .                     1
A901963804  A9019638   19.054   31.733          .                     1

Given this, my question is 1) how to map the properties of other
family members to children within each household, using loop, or 2)
how to generate an indicator of mother (1 if ID == ID_M; 0 otherwise)?
I found Nick Cox's helpful example and imitated it as the following;

by ID_fam (ID), sort: gen pid = _n
gen byte fid = .
gen byte mid = .
summarize pid, meanonly	
forval i = 1 / `r(max)' {
 		by ID_fam: replace fid = `i'
 		if ID_F == ID[`i'] & !missing(ID_F)
 		by ID_fam: replace mid = `i'
 		if ID_M == ID[`i'] & !missing(ID_M)
And it didn't produce any meaningful values but missing. Please
advise. Thank you so much for any help in advance.


Haena Lee
Ph.D Student
Sociology Department
The University of Chicago
312 - 405 - 3223
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